how much is that avatar in the window?

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Let’s start by doing the math:

  • babysitter for 5 hours at 15.- equals 75.-
  • cheapest food in town for two people at the new Asian take-away: 26.- (includes 2 beers and all you can drink jasmin tea)
  • movie tickets for two: 40.- (digital entertainment comes with a premium)
  • two pairs of 3d glasses: 8.-
  • who can survive a 3 hours movie with no snacks or a drink: 10.-
  • public transportation: 6.-

Did you notice we didn’t have an ice cream? Thank god it’s the middle of winter, we saved another eight or ten. So the total cost for a three hour movie yields to 165.- for two people. This Cameron guy is a genius, if he didn’t think of making it in 3D there is no way we would have spent the same amount for a flat “so 2009″ movie. Granted we wouldn’t have had to buy those ugly glasses.

If everybody who has young kids – there are bunch of those around, just try lunch at McDonald’s with no earplugs – goes to see this movie and spends about as much as we did, that would inject a huge pile of cash into the economy. Shouldn’t we get out of the recession much faster than expected and thank James Cameron for it?

Interesting thought for one of the most expensive film ever made which bends over backwards to demonstrate how bad the human race is (metaphorically: the dominant capitalist white race). Without second guessing, our race would kill an entire native civilization with a smile in search for profit (déjà vu?).  The only “good guys” are the ones turning against their own race. It must be still early in this post-racial era, the movie tries so hard to get over the white man’s imperialist and colonialist guilt (did I mention capitalist?), but yet falls short on its conclusion.

The really bothering part of the story is that the Na’vi people, which seem far more superior than humans both intellectually and spiritually, have to be saved by a white man who grew a tail for the occasion. Was the Na’vi awareness of every living creature and the nature that surrounds them, their spiritual power and their way of connecting to their ancestors’ spirit not enough to beat this dumb ass “preemptive strike” warhead of a colonel?

I’m not sure it’s such a far stretch to imagine that the film itself could accomplish the same as the human race does in the story: kill an entire 2D film industry with a smile in search for profit. Strangely enough, that part doesn’t bother me at all. I’d rather call it progress instead. At the end of the day, it all comes down to profit and the entertainment part is the cherry on top.

How much is that avatar in the window? (arf! arf!)
The one with the waggley tail
How much is that avatar in the window? (arf! arf!)
I do hope that avatar’s for sale…

doc, I need a shot of consistency!

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What if we lived in a world in which every action had to be consistent with everything that happened prior to it, in such a predictable way that it would drive everybody insane? Putting it in the context of the swine flu, why isn’t everybody following the instructions from their employers and public health offices? Because it would force us all to be consistent and that’s not exactly in the human nature. But let’s give it a try for one day.

Imagine going to work tomorrow wearing a mask, using a tissue to open the door, greeting your co-workers with a nod and reserve a little bow for your boss, but from a safe distance. Maybe bring your own keyboard and mouse from home since the cleaning crew might have touched it. Don’t even think of using a plate, utensils or drinking from a glass that’s not your own or hasn’t been properly disinfected. So there goes your coffee break and your lunch. Well, you can always brew your own coffee and buy a sandwich for lunch. But don’t forget that you can’t accept the change from the cashier unless he dumps it into your wallet himself. Of course the consequence is that next time you need pay for something you will have to hand out your wallet for someone to take the money out but you can’t accept your wallet back. Being limited to only two financial transactions a day, you can always be proactive and carry your bank card separately but you will have to ask a bystander to type your PIN code which isn’t exactly safe either, so you bring a little spray and clean the keypad of the ATM before typing your PIN but forget that there is a camera built-in and the bank will come after you for spraying their machine to death.

OK, maybe you think that’s a little extreme. So let’s try the most basic recommendation: washing your hands thoroughly. Everything is fine until you rinse the soap off, then you have to grab a paper towel to close the faucet. Out of luck, my office only has cloth towel-on-a-roll to pull out of a wall-mounted machine. So while I let the water run, I walk over to the stall and with my wet hands I try to grab enough toilet paper to dry my hands and turn the water off without touching it with my skin. How do I dispose of the toilet paper? In the toilet I guess, but wouldn’t it be nice to flush (and waste another 10 liters) for the next person to find a clean toilet? Wait, I can’t press the flush button with my clean hands, so I take another piece of toilet paper to press on the flush button and close the lid of the toilet with my food which creates a loud noise that resonates in half the building. Good thing I still have a piece of toilet papers in my hand, because I still need to deal with opening and closing the door… I seriously doubt that anybody can change their daily routine to comply with even the most basic recommendation, simply because it requires too many steps that need to be followed with a rigorous consistency. Unless you have preconditions to develop OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), you are doomed by the flaws of inconsistency to be contaminated.

For some reason it seems that we are much better equipped to deal with consistency when it comes to a certain kind selective consistency in denial mode. Since nobody is applying the required precaution to avoid all contact with the virus, the consistent thing that we do achieve to do is to laugh at the authorities for predicting a pandemic epidemy… and at our employers for believing it. Or is it the other way around? Anyways, the whole thing is overrated, right?

Doc, I need a shot consistency… just to be on the safe side, you know!

can you put me on hold please?

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The last place I thought I would ever discover new music is while being on hold on the phone. I called Swisscom today and found myself parked on hold for a good 15 minutes listening to great a great singer/songwriter playing one really nice song after the other. Then it hung up on me, I guess it was the end of the CD. I called again and started googling the lyrics and couldn’t find anything. Finally I searched on iTunes and that’s where I found him, that’s also the last place I was going to look for an artist’s name even Google couldn’t find.

It goes to show that the least expected things sometimes turn out to be great!

So the singer is Gus MacGregor, according to his website he is an english guy who moved to Bern last year. Check out his music…

what’s on the menu?

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Our specials includes photography, trips, open source home network,random thoughts…would you like some fries with that?

I’ll bring you the desert menu when you’re ready.


what is a post-egocentric blog attempt?

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The essence of an attempt is that the perpetrator has failed to commit the ”guilty act” of the full offense, which in this case is writing a post-egocentric blog. Why would someone attempt such a thing? We live in a “world 2.0″ where blogs, networking sites and new applications like twitter are becoming mainstream.

On networking sites I see a trend in people (including myself) publishing content based on what the targeted audience might think of them rather than on the relevance of the information itself. Call it popularity contest, beauty contest or even pissing contest, but that’s what most “networking” plateforms have turned into. Have you ever friended someone you “would like” to know on facebook? Even if they are your friend’s friend, they are most likely going to refuse your invitation. So take the networking part out of it and what is there left? A list of friends you’d stay in touch with anyways (regardless of the media) mixed with long lost friends at whose lives you can take a quick peek at when you feel nostalgic. The rest is just noise, more noise, and then some. But it’s a very efficient way of wasting time when in procrastination mode, so I do enjoy playing with facebook at times.

My first reaction is “who cares” when I stumble upon a random blog talking about a topic I’m not directly interested in. Obviously some people do. There are definitely a lot of smart people blogging about very interesting subjects. Then there are those publishing information that the traditional media is not picking up, reporting stories from countries where the media isn’t allowed to report from or where freedom of press isn’t obvious. That’s all great, but then there’s everybody else and their little brothers who blog essentially about themselves, showcasing how cool they are. That’s the egocentric part of blogging I’m trying to stay away from. Is it an utopia to envision a post-egocentric blogosphere? Probably, but who knew that the US would have a post-racial president a year ago?

So ultimately I will fail, but gracefully and I will plead not guilty ;-)

welcome to nick·

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It’s completely unrelated to this blog but let’s mention that Nick Nack is also a fictional character and an antagonist in the James Bond film The Man with the Golden GunNick Nack was an inspiration for Doctor Evil’s Mini-Me in the Austin Powers.

Short of a meaningful definition, nick·nack is best defined by these words:

Synonyms: bric-a-brac, knickknackery, whatnot
Related Words: curiosity, peculiarity, rarity, oddity, something unusual – perhaps worthy of collecting…

Perhaps worthy of collecting? That would be the “net” collecting the nick·nack, hence the nick·

I haven’t found any “paddy whack” in the net, this old man is staying home!